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About Us

The idea for KYV Designs (pronounced kīv) started in 2009 when designer, Morgan, was living in Lake Tahoe. It was beyond beautiful, but she missed the dramatic presence of  the mountains in her home town in Colorado. She wanted a piece of home to take with her when she was finding solace on the California slopes. 
 With a home-made stencil and spray paint, her first design of Mt Princeton was perfectly positioned on the nose of her board - the iconic mountain that towers over the town of Buena Vista in the Arkansas river valley. Summer would be coming soon, and she would be going home.
“Kyv” is the Ute Indian word for “mountain”, and they were some of the first people to enjoy the wonders of the Arkansas valley as a summer settling ground.
In realizing the dream of a simple stencil to a t-shirt, we are proud to introduce KYV Designs and its first design, Mt. Princeton, released as the 395 edition, in homage to the mountain, people, and town that originally inspired it all.