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KYV Designs is excited to announce that 10% of proceeds at CKS Paddle Fest 2017 will be donated to our newest local non-profit elevateHER!!!
Growing up here, I was fortunate to have a lot of exposure to the outdoors and ranching life through my family and close friends, but like many others, I wasn't very exposed to the different types of recreation in this valley like rafting, climbing and mountain biking. The opportunity to participate in a program like this would've been amazing.
Still, much of the local youth, especially girls, don't get the opportunity to participate in the outdoor lifestyle that brings thousands to this valley every year. The top 3 reasons as cited by kids and their parents are lack of financial means, lack of proper gear and lack of technical skills.
The mission of elevateHER will be to empower young women through building confidence, instilling leadership skills and growing individual fortitude through outdoor adventure and mentoring.
The purpose of elevateHER is to invest in the next generation of women and enable them to be strong, confident, self-aware, through empowering the young women to take on any challenge while building an appreciation and love for outdoor adventure.
Thank You for supporting the young girls of this valley!
*Follow us as we grow! Please visit our website, facebook, or email us at for more information regarding our program and learn about other ways you can help!

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